1. Should I Participate in the CHD Online Fundraiser?

    If you have heard about the CHD Online Fundraiser then you will know how important it is to support this fundraiser. It is an online fundraiser by Conquering CHD that works towards support and research for those suffering from CHD. This is to help children and adults alike. You may be wondering why you should…

  2. What is the CHD Organization?

    Conquering CHD is a CHD Organization. It is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of children and persons with congenital heart defects, known as CHD. Although you may not have heard of it, it is the #1 birth defect worldwide and the #1 cause of death by infants in the United…

  3. What is the difference between congenital heart disease and congenital heart defect?

    Congenital heart problems are those that are concerned with the heart’s structure but that have been present since birth. Congenital as defined means that you are born with it. CHD Medical care has gotten better than ever, with congenital heart disease being easier to cure. CHD is essentially the cause of congenital heart defects. They…

  4. From Clinic to Classroom: Kyle Landry

    CHD is a family affair, and Kyle Landry’s mission to create the gold standard of educational care for the pediatric patient is fueled by her sister’s memory. Conquering CHD is grateful for her expertise, especially with our annual Back to School Series, and her continued work to help all patients and families in need. Read on for more of Kyle’s story, from the clinic to the classroom.

  5. What I Wish I Had Been Told About CHD

    Join Conquering CHD and physicians from Stanford Children’s Health and Stanford Health Care in a collaborative campaign. What I Wish I Had Been Told About CHD enables patients and families to provide peer support, reassurance, and connection.

  6. LGBTQIA+ and CHD

    Health disparities exist for many groups of people, especially in the CHD community. These disparities may be based on race, socioeconomic or educational status, or sexual orientation and gender identity. Patients and families who are also part of the LGBTQIA+ community are more likely to face additional disparities in their CHD care.

  7. Building Relationships with Scientific Partners Connects Families to Research

    Conquering CHD is committed to research that matters. Thank you to Prolacta Bioscience for sharing information on the clinical trial researching human milk diets for single ventricle infants.

  8. U.S. News Releases 2021 Rankings…Just One Piece of the Puzzle

    The CHD journey, and the decisions that come along with it, can often feel like an unsolvable puzzle.  With the proper resources and tools, however, that puzzle becomes easier to piece together. Each tool or resource is just one piece of the puzzle for patients and families facing congenital heart disease.  One tool patients and…

  9. Be the Helpers

    There is so much out of our control as fathers, as parents. But what we can control is what we teach our children: to stand up for what is right, to love each other for who we are, and to be kind. In his latest blog, Heart Dad, Chris Perez shares how we, after times…

  10. Health Disparities, a Serious Public Health Concern

    Congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect, but not every person living with CHD has the same access to, or treatment within, the U.S. healthcare system. Health disparities are a serious public health issue.

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