1. Donate Life Month – Pam’s Transplant Story

    Growing up, like many born in the early days of congenital heart surgery, Pam Ensley thought she was fixed. But after a mostly normal life, including marriage and children, she learned she needed the gift of the perfect match.

  2. A Run For (and From) The Heart

    Kevin met Alex in 2018 when Alex was running a social media page on Instagram featuring a sport they were both interested in, Disc Golf. Kevin had initially reached out to Alex to learn more about corporate sponsorship, but their professional relationship turned into a friendship. Alex and his wife, Lacey, had their second child…

  3. CHD Surgery Outcomes and Transparency in Pediatric Cardiology: A Podcast

    David Kasnic joins Dr. Alison Brent for an episode of Charting Pediatrics, a professional resource of Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

  4. Blaze’s Cause Candle Initiative

    On March 29, 2020, Cecilia was born with congenital heart disease. Congenital heart disease is the most common disability at birth in the United States and worldwide with nearly 40,000 babies expected to be born with CHD in the U.S. this year. On November 16, 2020, Cece took her final breath after numerous surgeries in…

  5. Summit Series: Background & History

    Our Summit Series builds on seven years of collaboration between patients, families, care providers, policymakers, healthcare administrators, and new media, with the ultimate goal of improving quality and outcomes for all those living with congenital heart disease.

  6. Key Tenets of Transparency

    Working together to improve transparency, congenital heart programs, patients and families can improve outcomes and save lives. Congenital heart disease data may be complicated, but sharing information need not be so.

  7. Hospital Navigator: Advocacy, History & How To

    Hospital Navigator is Conquering CHD’s newest resource for patients and families, and launched on August 5th, 2020. Advocacy Hospital Navigator works for all patients and families when all centers participate. And we need YOU to make it happen! Advocating for your center to join Hospital Navigator is as easy as 1-2-3: 1) Check the status…

  8. Guía para el cuidado de adultos con afección cardíaca congénita

    La Afección cardíaca congénita (Congenital Heart Disease, CHD) es de por vida y los pacientes que nacen con CHD necesitan cuidados durante toda su vida basados en las indicaciones recomendadas. Sin embargo, alrededor del 50 % de los pacientes dejan de recibir cuidados después de los 13 años, y más del 60 % después de los 18….

  9. Transition Checklist – En Español

    Cuando era un niño con chd probablemente tuvo alguien que lo ayudó con todo tipo de cosas relacionadas con la salud de su corazón y su impacto en la vida. A medida que crece, es importante que aprenda a hacer estas cosas solo.Esta lista de verificación de transición de Conquering CHD puede ayudarlo a pensar…

  10. Health Disparities Q&A

    Conquering CHD held The Meeting on Health Disparities in Congenital Heart Disease on February 28, 2021. Due to time constraints not every question could be answered live. The expert panelists have provided answers below.