We are so excited Heart Month is here! Celebrate this most exciting time of year for the heart community with us as we unite to give knowledge, a voice, and hope to all those we meet!

Whatever your connection to congenital heart disease may be, we want to hear from you!


Every story is inspirational.

Every story is empowering.

Every story is meaningful.

Every story is Unique.


Together, our #CHDVoice will be heard loud and proud!


Here are a few great ways for you to get involved this month.

Shine as a Conquering CHD Social Media Ambassador

It’s your month to shine.

During February, the entire community comes together to help others understand how common congenital heart defects are, the need for continued research, and the critical importance of access to quality care. At Conquering CHD, our programs serve to educate and spread awareness all year long, but there’s no better time to share your voice than now!


Stay in the Know – Help others understand the impact of CHD and what Conquering CHD is doing about it. Like and share our infographics and awareness posts. We have a lot to share, so keep an eye out all month long on our social media channels.


Make it Personal – Use the hashtags #mystoryisunique #CHDVoice and #ConqueringCHD. Add details from your story, your experience, and be sure to include a message about an aspect of CHD that matters to you. Examples: the need for research funding, advocacy, or support for fellow patients and families. This is all about sharing how congenital heart disease impacts patients and families and how we, together, can turn awareness into action. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , TikTok– @conqueringchd.


Heart Month Awareness Calendars – Celebrate triumphs, honor loved ones lost too soon, recognize the work still to be done, and spread hope near and far. Let your unique story be heard by using your story every day this month with our awareness calendar. We invite you to share your story in pictures or in words. Choose the shorter 7-day, Awareness Week (7th-14th) version, or give all of Heart Month a try!


Invite Others to Join the Campaign – Simply guide them to our social media pages to follow, and we’ll make sure they stay engaged.


Shop for Swag

This February, we have a whole new line of #ConqueringCHD swag - with something for everyone, even the beloved family dog! This year, we are offering awesome new products with a variety of designs to share your story all year long! All purchases support patients and families impacted by CHD.