Inform Congenital Heart Disease (InformCHD)
A Patient-Reported Database, Sponsored by Conquering CHD

In response to COVID-19, Conquering CHD is committed to learning more about how this virus specifically impacts those with congenital heart disease. In collaboration with data expert ArborMetrix, we are building a secure database to collect information directly from people with congenital heart disease. InformCHD is a longitudinal database that will allow us to learn by gathering information over time. All persons with congenital heart disease (or their caregivers), regardless of their age or type of CHD, can participate in this learning and research opportunity.

Conquering CHD is collaborating with public health experts and CHD providers from congenital heart centers across the country in preparing a short survey utilizing the InformCHD database to learn more about CHD and COVID-19. The information collected from this survey will not answer everyone’s questions about CHD and COVID-19, but it will help us begin to gather, analyze and disseminate information specific to the congenital heart community both now and in the future.

This is research that matters to all of us, and it matters right now. What we are building today will help for decades to come.

  • We will notify you when when the survey becomes available

Spread the word. The more people with CHD who participate, the more we can learn from this database. 

This project is supported in part by:

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