National Committees (Join Today)


Program Committees (PCs) are designed to support the work of specific program areas of Conquering CHD. These
areas include:


  • Each committee will include members of the scientific and patient/family communities.
  • New members will be appointed by the Committee Chair through a nomination process with
    consideration given to size of the Committee (12-20 members) and diversity of expertise, geography,
    gender and race/ethnicity.
  • Committee nomination is open to all interested stakeholders – ex: young career investigators and
    patients/families new to Conquering CHD are encouraged to participate.
  • Terms of service are 2 years at which time you will be given the opportunity to re-evaluate your
    participation. There are no limits on the number of consecutive terms.

While PC Committees are standing committees, the frequency of meeting will be determined by the Committee Chair and Staff Leadership, likely not more than 6x year.


  • Each Program Committee is managed by a staff member of Conquering CHD.
  • The PCs will be led by 1 or 2 chairpersons from either the patient/parent or scientific community. Each will serve a
    two-year term and have the opportunity to continue in the role indefinitely at the discretion of the chair(s) and
    staff member.

Responsibilities include helping in identification and recruitment of committee members, inform PC
meeting agendas, facilitate accountability of committee members, assist in addressing urgent program needs.

Committee Descriptions

Advocacy Committee

  • Promote federal and state policies to improve quality and outcomes for patients and families
    with congenital heart disease.
  • Craft Conquering CHD’s public policy priorities, support the annual Advocacy Conference and Hill
    Day in Washington D.C., identify and participate in grass roots advocacy activities throughout the

Transition/Lifelong Care

  • Improve access and adherence to recommended follow-up care across the lifespan.
  • Advocate for implementation of best practice standards for transition and transfer of care,
    develop a mentorship program to ease transition process for patients and families.


  • Advance science that will prevent death and improve outcomes achieving our mission to conquer
    the most common birth defect.
  • Develop, promote and execute a patient-driven research agenda, articulate Conquering CHD’s
    role in achieving this agenda, and build infrastructure and partnerships for related direct
    research funding needs.


  • Develop clinically sound and vetted educational resources for patients and families based on the
    needs of the patient and scientific communities.
  • Ensure that our resources are up-to-date meeting current standards and guidelines, revising as
    Promote the utilization of our educational resources by hospital and other community


  • Develop resources for 3rd party fundraisers
  • Communicate with and monitor status of fundraisers benefiting Conquering CHD across the

This form will be used to collect information regarding applications for Conquering CHD's National Committees.

  • If you have selected multiple committees, please state your reasoning for each committee.
    Committee Chairs lead the committees and report back to the staff member who oversees that committee.