Facts and Statistics

Conquering CHD actively collaborates with partners across the clinical and public health landscapes to answer questions about congenital heart disease. The facts and statistics included below are provided for patients, families and the general public.

1 in 100 newborns are born with CHD
25% of children born with CHD need heart surgery or other interventions in the first year of life to survive
There is no cure. CHD is a lifelong disease requiring ongoing specialized care
Fewer than 10% of adults with CHD are receiving recommended care
#1 cause of birth defect-related deaths
Costs for hospitalizations related to congenital heart disease were more than $6 billion in 2013
CHDs are 50 times more common than childhood cancer
Most causes of CHDs are unknown. Only 15-20% of all CHDs are related to known genetic conditions
Over 85% of babies born with a CHD now live to at least age 18
 CHDs can have lifelong neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive effects

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What is a congenital heart defect?


How common are congenital heart defects?

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What causes congenital heart defects?


What are the health care access and cost challenges related to congenital heart defects?






A one-page version of the CHD facts and statistics listed above can be downloaded here.

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