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The Pediatric Congenital Heart Association’s mission is to “Conquer Congenital Heart Disease.” We are accomplishing this through collaboration with patients, parents, providers, and partner organizations to improve quality and outcomes through CHD education, support, research and awareness.


The PCHA-MN chapter is a program of PCHA, aimed at improving the lives of those with congenital heart disease and their families through direct support and education – meeting families where they are.




*This State Chapter has received the Honor Roll Award for outstanding performance in support of our mission.

About Us

Through our Minnesota State Chapter, we are able to give knowledge, give a voice and give hope, directly meeting the comprehensive, lifelong needs of patients with congenital heart disease and their families through support, education, advocacy and research programming.

Local activities include:

  • Conquering CHD Kits offering critical information and a personal connection for patients with CHD of all ages through individualized care packages
  • Online chat networks bringing people with similar experiences together
  • In-person peer support offering patients and families encouragement and insight from someone who has walked a similar path
  • Social events providing a safe environment to celebrate life and simple joys together
  • Physician education improving understanding of congenital heart disease from the patient and family perspective
  • Research promotion and participation helping promising developments become reality
  • Advocacy activities sharing our stories to improve federal research funding
PCHA State Chapter
PCHA State Chapter
PCHA State Chapter

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    Hearing the news “there’s something wrong with baby’s heart” can be devastating.  Even with successful intervention, CHD requires ongoing and sometimes intensive, medical care. Your donation helps in so many ways.  It is more than our ability to hold the hand of the parent who fears for the life of their child with a reassuring “I’ve been there.” It’s providing the knowledge and hope they need to make important decisions for their child.  It’s helping families navigate childhood and, perhaps more importantly, all the changes that come with transitioning to independent adults.  It’s about empowering the adults with congenital heart disease who are facing new, unexpected challenges as they are pioneering the way as survivors.

    Please give generously to support our state chapter activities.

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    PCHA State Chapter
    PCHA State Chapter
    PCHA State Chapter
    PCHA State Chapter
    PCHA State Chapter
    PCHA State Chapter


    PCHA-MN is growing! As we are 100% run by heart parents and patients, we are always in need of new volunteer leaders. Help us continue to conquer CHD in Minnesota by filling out this brief SURVEY

    One important program we have here in Minnesota is our Conquering CHD Care Kits. Children with congenital heart defects are often immediately sent to another city to have surgery. Their parents may have nothing more than the contents of their wallet or purse. The Care Kits supply educational resources as well as toiletries and comfort items to families with children in the hospital to show our support and to make the experience a little more tolerable.

    Some of the items we are looking for to include in these care packages are:

    • Coloring books and 8 pack of crayons
    • Crossword puzzle books and deck of cards
    • Travel-sized toiletries especially lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant
    •  books
    • Single-serve snacks (granola bars, crackers, etc.)
    • Gum or mints

    To view our Amazon Wish List, CLICK HERE

    Check out our "Conquering CHD in Minnesota" shirts - Limited sizes are still available for purchase to support our Conquering CHD Care Package Program. All shirts are $25. These fashionable styles com in a triple blend quality material that is extremely soft and comfortable.

    Send us an email to inquire about the sizes available in the various styles.

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    Chapter President – Nolan Chenevert
    Chapter Vice President – Melissa Engel 
    Chapter Treasurer – Jessica Chenevert
    Chapter Secretary – Courtney Kile
    Board Member – Jennie Nelson
    Board Member – Josh Gladis


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