Ben Across America – A 3000 Mile Bike Ride For CHD

When Earl learned his grand-nephew would be born with Congenital Heart Disease, he immediately sprung into action. He knew he had to do something to help Ben and all those impacted by the most common birth defect. On March 11th, after much planning and preparation, Earl and his friends set out on a journey across the country to conquer CHD.

Meet Ben

Little Ben Gaston is one tough guy. 

In his first week of life, he underwent multiple procedures, including major open-heart surgery. He recovered well and his family is thrilled with his progress. 

Diagnosed prenatally with congenital heart disease, he has inspired his family to learn more and to do more. Ben is one of 40,000 children born annually with CHD and in an effort to raise awareness and funding, his great uncle Earl will attempt a cross-country bicycle trip.

Ben Across America

Pedaling across America is on the bucket list of many cyclists, including Earl. Dedicating his Transamerica bicycle ride to Ben and all those impacted by CHD adds a special layer of meaning to this once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment.

Earl will be joined by friends Toby and “Iron Mike” as they pedal to create awareness, expand the community, and raise funds that will support all those impacted by CHD.

Mike Stanley, left, and Earl McMahon take a break during their Tour de Wyoming ride.

Ben Across America was born out of love for the Gaston family’s favorite tough guy. When you support Conquering CHD and Ben Across America, you are cheering on all of the tough guys and tough girls impacted by congenital heart disease. 

Follow Earl and his crew. Make a donation. Treat yourself to some sweet swag. Become one of Ben’s Buds @benacrossamerica. If Ben Across America rides through your town, go pedal with them, join them for dinner, take the guys a protein bar, or host them for a night. 

Together, with Ben Across America, we will conquer CHD!

Donate or Gear Up!

Cycling alone will not help those impacted by CHD, so Earl needs your support. You can sponsor one (or more) of his miles and show everyone you’re rooting for him. All funds raised will support Conquering CHD programs across the United States – providing hope, support, and education to patients and their families.

Take Ben wherever you go across America by grabbing your gear here:

Coast to Coast

March 11: San Diego, California
March 18: Tempe, Arizona
March 26: El Paso, Texas
April 2: Del Rio, Texas (San Antonio)
April 9: Navasota, Texas (Houston)
April 16: New Roads, Louisiana (Baton Rouge)
April 21: DeFuniak Springs, Florida (Pensacola)
April 30: St. Augustine, Florida

About Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) – CHD is the most common birth defect and a leading cause of infant death. In 2021, 40,000 babies will be born with CHD in the United States alone, joining the 1.35 million new patients born this year around the world. 1 in 100 people worldwide are diagnosed with CHD.

Thanks to advances in medical technology and surgical procedures, more adults than children are now living with congenital heart disease. CHD is a chronic, lifelong condition that presents significant challenges for the patient and their family. CHD has no cure.

About Conquering CHD –  Conquering CHD exists to conquer the most common birth defect. We engage, listen, learn, and act. We create visibility and empower all impacted by congenital heart disease, accomplishing this through awareness, knowledge, community, and research. Visit our website at

For additional information on Ben Across America, please contact Conquering CHD’s Marketing Director.

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