1. Advocacy for Kids: Virtual Conference 2021

    Conquering CHD’s annual advocacy conference in Washington, D.C. is virtual in 2021. Junior advocates can access recorded content, as well as printable materials, in lieu of attending the full virtual conference. Advocates ages 13+ are encouraged to attend the full virtual conference with a parent/guardian.

  2. Top 10 Things to Remember about CHD as an Adult

    When you’re living with CHD, there is a lot to remember about managing your care. Our Top 10 List of Things to Remember makes a handy cheat sheet to help keep you on track! This resource is also available as a printable poster and a convenient magnet can be purchased at our Shop for Swag…

  3. Connections: CHD and Down syndrome

    The most common birth defect and the most common genetic syndrome have a strong connection.

  4. Collaboration of Hope

    Conquering CHD and The Brett Boyer Foundation team up to spread hope this Heart Month.

  5. The Heart’s Playbook Gives Back

    We don’t look at the world with rose colored glasses, but we are optimists through and through. We believe in turning obstacles into opportunity, that forward is a mindset and that there are tools to help us at any place you find yourself on life’s journey. -Janelle and Nick Foligno The Heart’s Playbook was founded…

  6. Let Your #CHDVoice Bring Hope

    Heart Month 2021 is here! You can help raise awareness this February and all year long. Read on for more details!

  7. Birth Defect Prevention & Awareness Month

    Every January, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hosts National Birth Defects Prevention Month.

  8. Preventative Care is Essential During a Pandemic

    Dr. Rema Merhi of Las Vegas, Nevada co-authors this post, sharing critical reminders for families of pediatric heart patients during the pandemic. While most of us are worried about COVID-19, parents of pediatric CHD patients are definitely worried. In fact, they are so worried, they are refraining from receiving essential preventative medical care during the…

  9. Volunteers Change Lives

    During this Volunteer Appreciation Week, Conquering CHD wants to thank the many volunteers that make accomplishing our mission possible.

  10. #ConqueringCHD Week 2019

    Here are a few great ways to join us in celebrating 6 years of Conquering CHD! It’s your week to shine as a CCHD #ConqueringCHD social media ambassador! CCHD celebrates six life-changing years this month! But it’s not about us…. It’s about YOU! Volunteers all over the country serve families with CHD in many different ways….