Bryana Kennedy Walker

At 20 weeks in utero, my baby was diagnosed with an Interrupted Aortic Arch, VSD and Aortic Stenosis. Bryana Kennedy Walker was born September 25, 2016 at Advocate Christ Hospital under the care of Dr. Michel Ilbalwi, Bryana underwent her first open heart surgery at 10 days old on October 5, 2016 to repair her Interrupted Aortic Arch and Aortic Stenosis. Bryana came home on continuous oxygen, an NG tube for nutrition and over 12 meds to be given daily with daily weights. In Nov 2016, Bryana suffered a stroke, rendering Right Sided Weakness to upper and lower extremities. At almost 6 months of age after a cardiac catheterization, Bryana needed her second open heart surgery on March 9, 2017 to repair her VSD and insert larger shunt. Post-op, Bryana left lung collapsed, requiring Echmo for 13 days. A chest ultrasound revealed a Chylothorax, requiring a chest tube to her left chest wall to relieve fluids.

Bryana has recovered from each of these things and wakes up everyday with a beautiful smile on her face. My family is beyond thankful for the doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, etc. at Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, PSHU Unit and the Ronald McDonald House. There is no way we would have made it without them. I am in search of a way to give back to other families of babies with Congenital Heart Disease and help spread awareness.


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