1. Jace Reminds Us of Hope and Joy

    Jace, born in October 2021, arrived with a hefty challenge – Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia and Double Outlet Right Ventricle, a mouthful for such a tiny fighter. At just 10 days old, he embarked on his first adventure: a complex heart repair at Columbia University Medical Center. Though the operation was a success,…

  2. Hayden’s Legacy: A Safe Space for Grieving Families

    We have learned that it is not the walls of Hayden’s House of Healing that make it successful, but rather the spirit of the people that come and bravely share their stories, creating an incredible community of love and support.

  3. Half a Heart, A Whole Lot of Fatherly Love

    Three open heart surgeries and no cure. That was the uncertain future surrounding our son Theo’s life expectancy.  In March 2020, the Fetal Heart Center at Children’s Health Dallas determined Theo had Tricuspid Atresia and Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome, meaning he would be born with only half a heart. My wife Brooke and I were…

  4. Stay-at-Home Dad Rides the CHD Rollercoaster with Rainbow Baby

    Today, at two years old, my son Emerson is a mostly typical toddler. He wakes up each day in good spirits. His scars, his need for occasional medication, and certain limitations serve as reminders of his medical journey. And what a journey it’s been. Our rollercoaster began with devastating news during Emerson’s 20-week anatomy ultrasound….

  5. Conquering CHD Community: A Lifeline for Parents Ryan and Jillian

    Who do you turn to when you find out your happy and seemingly healthy two-month-old needs heart surgery? At our two-month well visit, my wife Jillian and I were stunned to hear our daughter Beckett needed to see a pediatric cardiologist. They’d found a heart murmur, and we soon learned Beckett was born with a…

  6. Peyton’s Parents Give Hope to CHD Community

    In her 12 days of life, Peyton Rae Brean showed her parents, Lisa and Corey Brean, spunk, sass, love, and strength. Her personality radiated inside the NICU, and her parents cherished every moment spent inside those four walls. “I read somewhere once that ‘instead of teaching my daughter about the world, I would have to…

  7. Clark Ostrom

    Clark Ostrom was born in 2015 at just 36 weeks. His mom, Carissa Ostrom, said they had no idea he had a bicuspid Aortic Valve and Aortic Stenosi heart defect. He went through his first procedure and balloon valvuloplasty (a cath procedure where they take a balloon and rip open the valve). Carissa then connected…

  8. Eli Pingilley

    In early November 2021, we went to our kids’ annual checkup appointments, and Eli had very elevated blood pressure. The nurses would not record it on his growth sheet. Instead, they sent in several nurses with several different blood pressure cuffs to check him. Praise God his pediatrician didn’t ignore this and let it go….

  9. Five Tips For Coping With Holidays After the Loss of a Loved One

    Here are some helpful tips for handling grief during the holiday season. Feel Your Emotions and Be Honest About How You Feel Everyone grieves differently and the holidays can be difficult for families after the loss of a loved one. Give yourself space to feel your emotions and be honest with yourself and others about…

  10. Five Ways to Support Bereaved Family or Friends This Season

    Here are some helpful tips for how to support those who are grieving during the holidays. Support Their Choices Everyone grieves differently and the holidays can be difficult for families and friends after a loss. They may choose to skip holiday gatherings, change traditions, travel, etc. Support them in their choices surrounding the holidays. Extend…

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