Congenital Heart Disease Definition

Every year, families are impacted by Congenital Heart Disease—find out what it really means.

Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a condition that impacts an astounding 40,000 babies every single year. Current estimates show that there are roughly 1.5 million adults who have been diagnosed with this disease, making it a key point of concern when we consider global health. Even though this disease influences so many people, you might not be clear on the definition. In this article, we will discuss this condition and its potential impacts.

Congenital Heart Disease: A Brief Overview

Given its broad reach and how many people it impacts, congenital heart disease is one condition that has amassed quite a bit of interest. Its severity can range from one person to the next, with some people largely unaffected while others can require life-saving surgeries. What do you need to know?

Defining Congenital Heart Disease

Commonly referred to as CHD, congenital heart disease is defined as an abnormality of the heart. This occurs during the development stage, and it is a condition that starts impacting the baby on day one. When the heart develops irregularly, it can cause a long list of concerns for a baby’s body and overall health.

Is Congenital Heart Disease Always the Same?

Something that is fairly unique to this disease is that it really can look different for everyone. Some people are hardly impacted at all while others will find themselves in a longstanding battle with CHD. The effects can differ on a case-by-case basis, causing different concerns for the impacted individuals.

Common CHD Symptoms

With any disease, there will always be symptoms. Something surprising about CHD is that the disease can vary a lot from one person to the next. Since the severity can differ, the associated symptoms can also differ.

Some common symptoms include an abnormal heartbeat and shortness of breath. The severity of these symptoms can also vary. People with CHD can also experience a variety of other symptoms, like developmental concerns and delays, skin that has a blue appearance, general swelling, and even more severe symptoms, like a total failure of the heart. Some severe cases can require a heart transplant in order for these individuals to survive and live comfortably.

The Takeaway

With tens of thousands of babies being impacted on an annual basis in the United States alone, CHD awareness is very important. This condition can impact any child as they develop in the womb, and the impacts of CHD can cause problems for a person’s entire life. If you are looking for ways to spread awareness or are seeking support for life with CHD, we are happy to hear from you. Our goal is to spread CHD awareness far and wide so that people understand just how significant congenital heart disease can be. Join us in spreading awareness so that lives can be saved!

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