Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner was diagnosed with Truncus Arteriosus and a VSD after birth in 1982. She has had three open heart surgeries – at 18 months old, 17 years, and 37 years old. After complications arose and various anomalies were uncovered in early adulthood, Jennifer had a stent placed in her LPA and received an ICD.

Now 37, she is a graduate of DePaul University, with a degree in Elementary Education and an MA in English and Creative Writing, from SNHU. Jennifer currently volunteers for the Conquering CHD locally as the IL Chapter Communications Chair and is a member of the national staff as the ACHD Coordinator. She also serves on the steering committee of Chicagoland Cardiac Connections, an organization that provides support and resources for patients with cardiac devices, based out of Lurie Children’s Chicago. Jennifer will continue to be followed by an Adult CHD team throughout her life.

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