Tribute to TinMan

So unexpectedly and deeply affected by the loss of Nolan.  I had not met him, or his parents, merely an onlooker to his journey.  Yet, my heart is breaking for his family.  For all those who have lost a child to CHD.

We must keep fighting.


From the website:

On January 5, 2014, 2-year-old Holden Flynn (The Tin Man) had a heart attack while waiting for his brand new heart, and he lost his battle with congenital heart disease.

Just before Christmas we had filmed Holden and his parents in the hospital for “Arnold Palmer Saves Christmas” while they waited for his new heart, and we had a little bit of left over footage.

We made a little memorial for our friends the Flynn’s, Trey and Nicole. In our time with them over the years, I’ve seen moments of the epitome of what it is to be a father and a mother — they loved their son. So much. And they never gave up hope for him.

They laid down their lives for Holden.

That’s what a parent is. Thank you Trey and Nicole for letting me catch a glimpse of that beauty.

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