Volunteers Change Lives

During this Volunteer Appreciation Week, Conquering CHD wants to thank the many volunteers that make accomplishing our mission possible. From Chapter Board Members, local volunteers, members of our Steering Committee and Medical Advisory Board, our volunteers serve patients and families affected by CHD across the country! They advocate for hospital transparency and research funding, they offer support to patients and families during the most difficult times, provide educational resources to their communities, and help raise funds to continue Conquering CHD’s vital programs. Thank you to the hundreds of dedicated patient, family, provider, and sponsor volunteers, every day you are changing lives! Together, we are Conquering CHD!

Do you want to join the ranks of our amazing volunteers, not sure you have the time?

There is GOOD NEWS!

Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes. There are volunteering opportunities that take just seconds! Sometimes it is the little things that matter most. When we each do our small part, it adds up to something big!

Here are a few ways you can pay it forward and volunteer for Conquering CHD:

2-3 Seconds: Social Media – we are always looking for social media volunteers.  The easiest thing is to volunteer a few seconds each day to Like, comment, share, and retweet our posts.  Doing so is a great way to spread awareness.

5 minutes: Advocate – we always need advocates that stay in touch with their legislators and the media to inform them about the issues important to patients and families affected by CHD.  To send an email, tag them on social media, or set up a face to face visit, check out some tips here.

A few hours: Blog – We are currently looking for people who would be interested in sharing a little bit about their experience as a guest blogger. If you are interested let us know!

A few more hours: Leadership – Conquering CHD has volunteer leadership openings in our state chapters.  These positions require an application and a little bit more in-depth orientation process, but if you are interested let us know!

And, of course, Thank you to our incredible donors who give generously to empower and support patients and families with CHD! Donate to research that drives knowledge and improves outcomes for people with CHD by donating to our recently launched Research that Matters campaign.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew

Thank you to all of you who give!

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