What Color Represents Heart Disease?

Heart disease kills countless people around the world every single year, and it is a primary point of concern for leading health professionals for this reason. The truth is that heart disease can affect any family at any point in time, which is why so many people are looking to raise awareness and find new ways to show their support. Colors are commonly used to signify certain conditions, and heart disease is no exception. 

How to Show Support for Heart Disease Awareness

With heart disease rates rising around the world, it isn’t surprising that people are looking to raise awareness. It is easy to see why heart disease would land among the ranks of some of the more devastating conditions that impact our lives. Being aware of how to spread awareness and show support is important to help give those in need a voice. Let’s discuss how to approach this.

Why Do We Use Colors for Awareness?

Colors are often used to spread awareness for certain conditions. This was made incredibly popular by the Susan G. Komen group when they began their campaign to support individuals with breast cancer using pink ribbons. Now, we commonly use certain colors and ribbons to show support for specific conditions that can impact individuals and their families.

What is the Color for Heart Disease?

The color that has been chosen for heart disease is red, and it is actually shared with a few other prominent conditions. Heart disease impacts a majority of families, which is why having a supporting color is so important. Red, in this case, signifies the color of the heart and the blood in our body. Every second of every day, our hearts pump blood into our bodies to ensure that we can continue to live our lives. We use this color to remind us of our hearts and their health.

How to Spread Awareness and Show Support

Showing support for heart disease is something that a lot of us feel passionately about because we know just how many people it impacts. Some variations start at birth, like pediatric CHD, but heart disease can strike at any point in your life. Spreading awareness means being vocal about these issues and making them a prominent point of focus. You can do this by personally advocating at events or online—or by using a red ribbon to signify this condition. 


Sharing awareness for medical problems is just one way to help support those who are impacted by these conditions. We use colors to show that we are thinking of the people who are affected—or that we are affected ourselves. For heart disease, the color red signifies so much about what happens within our bodies. Using this color to help spread understanding is a wonderful starting point to show those in need that you care. Heart disease impacts countless individuals every single year, and this is just one way to show your support. Spread CHD awareness with red ribbons, and remember to include it in your campaigns too!

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