When Is CHD Awareness Week?

It isn’t a secret that congenital heart disease (CHD) is a problem that impacts countless newborns, children, and adults around the world. With 1 in every 100 newborns being impacted by this condition, there is a big push to raise awareness and create a space where everyone can discuss CHD so that we can all work towards beneficial solutions for the individuals that grow up with it. Every year, one week is singled out to spread and raise CHD awareness. Are you ready for it?

What is CHD Awareness Week?

CHD Awareness Week is a weeklong annual commitment that helps create a space for everyone to discuss congenital heart disease and the challenges that come with it. Every fifteen minutes, a new child is born with CHD. For a lot of babies that are born with CHD, there are unique obstacles and challenges to contend with throughout their lifetimes.

For this reason, every single year, countless people come together all around the world to discuss CHD and the ways that it impacts both children and families. It is a time where we can all listen to stories from those with CHD, learn more about CHD and its implications, and engage each other to ensure that there is a broad focus on individuals with congenital heart disease. It is a time for listening, understanding, and advocacy.

What Dates Does CHD Awareness Week Cover?

CHD Awareness Week falls right in the middle of American Heart Month in February. This week begins on February 7th and continues until February 14th, giving a wonderful opportunity for those with CHD to make their voices heard and advocate for themselves alongside their supporters and allies. Congenital heart disease can touch every single person and every single family. Giving one week to discuss CHD and those that CHD has impacted never feels like quite enough!

How to Give Back

This week is used to provide a space for those who are impacted by CHD and their families. During this time, we should all focus on giving back to show our support for the CHD community and to raise CHD awareness. There are a few simple ways to do this.


Donations can go a long way for those with CHD. A simple donation to an organization can help to improve research surrounding CHD—and research can save lives. Already, research is being done regarding surgeries and medications that can change lives, but there is still more work to do!

Raise Awareness

CHD Awareness Week is not only a time to bring your attention to CHD and those impacted by it. It is a time to share that same awareness with others. Despite its broad reach, there are still some individuals who do not know what CHD is or the risks that come with it. Share your knowledge with them!

Educate Yourself

Congenital heart disease impacts individuals all around the world, and it might very well impact your family or friends. Educating yourself is the first step to becoming a proud supporter and dedicated ally. By learning more, you empower yourself to be an advocate for those in need.

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