Where Can I Find More Info on CHD?

Congenital heart disease is one of the most common birth defects in the U.S. One in every hundred people is born with CHD. There are even more adults living with congenital heart disease than infants. An estimated 1.5 million adults suffer from a heart defect related to CHD. However, there is limited knowledge of a cure for this common disease. If you or a loved one has CHD, find out more about the current resources available to you.

Multimedia: Webinars, Podcasts, Videos

When it comes to finding congenital heart disease info, the CDC is a good place to start. They have compiled a list of multimedia resources for people with congenital heart disease and defects. This includes videos, podcasts, and webinars with information regarding living with a heart defect. Review these resources below for more CHD info. 

Video Sources

  • Screening Newborns for Critical Congenital Heart Disease: This informative video helps parents and health care workers understand CHD. It can provide critical information for screening newborns with heart defects. 
  • A Heart-To-Heart Chat, Living with a Heart Defect: For adults with CHD, learn more about healthy ways to live your life. This video reviews everything from exercise and eating habits to heart care suggestions. 

Podcast Sources

  • Healthy Little Hearts: This podcast provides informative basics for parents of children with congenital heart disease. Learn more about prenatal and pregnancy precautions for heart defects. 
  • Keeping Little Hearts Healthy: Learn about congenital heart defects in infants and how to prevent CHD. 

Webinar Sources

There are many webinars available for those interested in CHD screening. Find out how congenital heart disease affects overall health. Plus, get recommendations for how to live a healthy life despite CHD.

  • Newborn Screening Recommendations for Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD): 
  • Congenital Heart Public Health Consortium
  • Adult Congenital Heart Association
  • Mended Little Hearts
  • Conquering CHD

Organizations: Conquering CHD

Other primary resources for finding CHD info include organizations like Conquering CHD. Conquering CHD is a community organization geared towards congenital heart disease advocacy, knowledge, and healthy living. Patients and family members alike are encouraged to participate and share their experiences with heart defects. Additionally, there are many resources available to the community like summits, healthcare advocacy, and sharing of information. Find out more about congenital heart disease info using resources from Conquering CHD.

  • Key Tenets of Transparency: The basis of CHD info comes from transparency within the community. Conquering CHD encourages patients and family members to share their knowledge and experiences. This data is collected through various surveys and studies. This information is then shared throughout the community.
  • Summit Series History: Conquering CHD has a yearly summit that collaborates with patients, healthcare workers and administrators, policymakers, and the media. The goal of the summit is to improve the quality of life of those living with CHD. It aims to spread awareness and knowledge of heart defects.
  • Making Sense of Congenital Heart Surgery Data: Medical data can be difficult to interpret. Fortunately, Conquering CHD provides aid to those with medical questions. Between the community and professionals, heart defect data can be understood.

Stay Connected: Connect through social media with other patients and family members. Join the Teen and Adult Patient and Bereaved Hearts Facebook groups or find a state chapter near you.

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