Make Some Winter Memories

Baby, it may be cold outside, but there are still memories to be made! The Winter months might seem like a bad time to make plans. The dropping temps and the sloshing snow at first seem daunting. But take a step back and you just might find the beauty of this season is underrated! 

We asked around and our community had some ideas for keeping the season sparkling:

– Build a snowman, dress him warmly, and don’t forget a winter themed name! Or try a snow angel instead!

– Take your dog outside for a romp in the snow! (Our furry friends love it maybe more than we do)! 

– A snowball fight, all in good fun of course, can help satisfy your competitive spirit

– In the winter, the snow glistens off the trees, making for a scenic hike through the forest. Don’t forget your camera!

One contributor added: “I love to sled!” (Or Snowboard, if you dare!)

Prefer to find your bliss indoors? Try some more cozy activities:

– Curl up with a good book, like Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner, featuring a character with CHD!

– Hunker down and spend the night binging Netflix

– Grab a friend for some video games or build fund crafts with your kids! Here are some fun ideas:

Warm up with a tasty treat, like this Mint White Hot Chocolate

– Huddle together around the fireplace! Tell stories, roast marshmallows, enjoy the glow filling the room

*Bonus – My Personal Favorite, baking cookies with the family!

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