2013 Social Media Top 5 – (A little late…)

While I was writing my New Year’s post, I realized I had failed to properly acknowledge last year.

Last year’s resolution was to start, and maintain a blog.  Well…  Like most resolutions I started strong.


And then, failed miserably. But, we need to celebrate our success right?  So, I scoured all social media activity this year, and there were a few bright spots:

5. The Funnel Perspective


Yes, there are times when life around us resembles a tornado.  Read more.

4. Advocacy Day 2013


 There were many great posts about 2013 Advocacy Day but this one was everyone’s favorite.  Advocacy really is fun!!

3. The Power of the People


You are the ones that make all the difference!  Read more.

2. Research and Recommendations

New research and new guidelines – lots of progress in 2013.  A few of the favorites include exercise guidelines, a neurodevelopmental outcomes study, and a statement about prevention and treatment for thrombosis.

1. Awareness American Girl Style

AG Awareness

Can we end the year any better than this?

So we’ll close out our reflection on 2013 with the most popular quote of the year:

I am one Graphic

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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