Wrapping Paper

I have never been good at surprises.  Keeping anything a secret is nearly impossible for me.  My kids have figured it out, too.  If I leave a gift wrapped present out, they quickly begin guessing and if they are even remotely close, I have to run and hide for fear of giving it away.  Just a thin sheet of paper between the unknown and a great surprise, and I am very capable of spoiling it.wrapped present

Being “in transition” with my advocacy work is a lot like holding a wrapped present – and a bit more difficult than I had expected.   For someone who likes to share (perhaps, too much?) I struggle, daily, with how much to reveal about what this transition process.


But, I can contain my excitement no longer…  I am so excited about a new project I am working on, with an amazing group of people.  Ah, there, I said it.

Here are a few more sketchy clues that I feel comfortable sharing at this point:

  • I am no longer working with the Adult Congenital Heart Association.
  • Yes, I will still be doing CHD advocacy – Are you kidding, I eat sleep and breathe it!
  • There will be a huge educational component, too.
  • The focus will be in the pediatric space, but there will definitely be life-long messaging.  It really is a continuous loop: to ensure that our kiddos grow up to be vibrant adults with CHD (ACHD) we need to understand the adult space in order to improve what we are doing in childhood.
  • We will all need to stand together to make this work!!!

As soon as the basic framework of the project is set in stone, trust me, I will shout it from the mountain tops.

In the meantime, find your inner child and start getting at least a little excited for what’s under the wrapping paper!



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