1. Back to School Transitions with Abby

    As the summer starts to come to an end, and we will discuss how CHD families prepare for going back to school. This week we have a story from Abby Hack, an adult CHD warrior, who is in her final years of college! When I was first diagnosed with a heart condition that required me…

  2. Family and Medical Leave Act  (FMLA) Fact Sheet 

    As adults, we can’t have our parents call us in sick to school when we have extended medical needs or family to take care of, but we may not be eligible for extended disability leave from work. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) could be a good option for you,  if you or your loved…

  3. Make the Most of the Summer with Trinity

    As our summer fun starts to wind down, we will hear from Trinity, a heart warrior who knows how to have a good time and beat the heat during the summer! Summer is one of the best times of the year. No school, beach time, and warm weather (which is something that Wisconsin could use…

  4. Summer Fun with Artyom and Taosies!

    This week we will hear from Artyom and Taosies, two heart brothers who love to have fun during the summer! Together, they share tips on how to beat the heat and have a blast this summer! The thought of summer conjures images of sunshine, swimming pools, road trips, neighborhood block parties, and lots of time…

  5. Summer Fun at Camp Odayin

    For the month of July, we are bringing you stories of how CHD families enjoy the summer, along with tips and tricks on how CHD patients can beat the heat. This week we will hear from Laura Hoagland, an adult CHD patient and avid adventurer. Laura shares her experience with Camp Odayin and explains how…

  6. Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

    The summertime sunshine can be a welcome treat after a long winter, but it can also be dangerous. Many people with complex CHD have difficulty tolerating the summer heat. Here’s a reboot of what our community of families and patients shared with us about what they do to beat the heat during the hottest season….

  7. A New Plan

    Finding out your child will be born with a heart defect may cause some of the plans you have for them to disappear, it may cause you to question whether you can be the parent to them that you hoped. Read how dad, Matt, learned to adjust his dreams for his son and encourage him to do HIS best.

  8. All Life’s Moments Are Brush Strokes

    All Life’s Moments Are Brush Strokes

    Like Monet’s San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk, our lives are full of small strokes of color that require us to take a step back to see the bigger picture. Heart Dad, Chris Perez, shares how he’s learned to view his family’s journey with CHD this way.

  9. To My Mom…

    In this open letter, one HLHS warrior shares what he loves most about his mom.

  10. Mother’s Day Q&A

    In this week’s blog, amazing heart moms, warriors, and 2 junior advocates talk motherhood and what they love most about their moms in this mother’s day Q&A.