1. Be the Helpers

    There is so much out of our control as fathers, as parents. But what we can control is what we teach our children: to stand up for what is right, to love each other for who we are, and to be kind. In his latest blog, Heart Dad, Chris Perez shares how we, after times…

  2. Feeling Out of Place as an Adult with Congenital Heart Disease

    With the ever-growing adult CHD population, the question of where and how to treat these patients looms large overhead. For now, ACHD patients have to muddle through a system not truly designed for their needs. No one wants to be in the hospital. No one wants to think of one as home. Unfortunately, for many…

  3. The Foligno Family

    “We don’t look at the world with rose-colored glasses, but we are optimists through and through. We believe in turning obstacles into opportunity, that forward is a mindset, and that there are tools to help us at any place you find yourself on life’s journey.”

  4. Luke Toth

    Like many newly married couples, we were over the moon to learn we were expecting our first baby!  We vividly remember us deciding the entire ride there if we should find out whether we were having a boy or girl. Soon after arriving, we quickly learned that instead of finding out our baby was a…

  5. From the Dad of a Heart Warrior

    This is an account of the perspective of one heart dad’s experience with a child with CCHD (complex congenital heart defects).  This is especially for those who are just receiving a diagnosis for their child – read to the end, even if the beginning seems scary! Anxiety.  Fear.  Panic.  Despair.  Those are a few of…

  6. Covid 2020: Stories of Recovery

    Conquering CHD spoke with three members of the CHD community who contracted and conquered COVID-19 – a youth patient as shared by her mother, an adult patient/medical student, and a pediatric cardiologist. While their experiences with COVID-19 were difficult, their stories of recovery ultimately leave us with hope for the human spirit.

  7. To the mama out there learning your baby’s future will be different than you envisioned…

    Being a mom is a tough job, even scary at times, but the love for our children makes it all worthwhile. This Mother’s Day, one veteran heart mom has a message for those newly taking on the role. I’ve been in your shoes. Sitting in a similar, hard-backed chair, hunched over my lap, clutching tissues,…

  8. Carol’s Transplant Story – Donate Life Month

    Growing up with congenital heart defects, I had multiple surgeries and procedures to help give me the best quality of life possible. Despite this, by the time I was in my early 40’s, I was having worsening swelling, shortness of breath, and fatigue, which weren’t improving, even with increasing my medications. My ACHD doctor felt it…

  9. Check Out the New ACHD Info Kits

    As we continue our commitment to the lifespan of patients and families affected by CHD, CCHD has launched our New ACHD Info Kit!! This kit, created especially for Teen and Adult Patients, includes several new resources designed to help patients transitioning to adult care as well as adults already there, into a handy padfolio. Check…

  10. New Diagnosis – Pulse Oximetry

    It’s Newborn Screening Awareness Month! Previously we shared these two perspectives on the benefits of pulse ox and the effort to make this non-invasive test a standard screening of newborns. Pulse Ox screening has made it possible to detect CHD in many newborns that would have otherwise gone home undiagnosed. These contributions were provided by Dr….

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