Check Out the New ACHD Info Kits

As we continue our commitment to the lifespan of patients and families affected by CHD, CCHD has launched our New ACHD Info Kit!!

This kit, created especially for Teen and Adult Patients, includes several new resources designed to help patients transitioning to adult care as well as adults already there, into a handy padfolio.

Check out what’s inside!

ACHD Resource Card

The ACHD Resource Card guides patients to our online resources and social media, including a closed group for teen and adult patients only . It also connects patients to our website, where they can find their local chapter, and provides contact information for our ACHD Coordinator.

The Transition Checklist

CCHD’s new Transition Checklist guides patients, at any age, through the process of transitioning to adult care. It is set up in 3 phases and is arranged by topic and complexity, making it possible for patients to hone their skills and gradually work toward taking ownership of their care. The checklist encourage conversation between patients, families, and care teams and helps patients, including those already in adult care, build confidence and increase independence. . There is also an interactive digital version available here.

Guided Questions Tool – ACHD Edition

Similar to the original, the The Guided Questions Tool – ACHD Edition helps encourage patients to ask questions about their center, their condition, and how to maintain care throughout different stages of life. It can spark very important conversations, helping patients get the information they need to make vital decisions about their care. Find the digital version here.

Top 10 Things to Rememer

This 5×7 magnet lists 10 key tips to maintaining care for patients. It’s available in posters to share with your centers as well.
Find the digital version here.

Guides to Care

This resource has two separate versions, one for patients and one for parents, It offers key tips on maintaining care in adulthood and covers the Top 10 things to Remember in more detail. This resources also provides a summary chart of the ACC/AHA’s Guidelines for the Management of Adults with Congenital Heart Disease Check out the patient guide and parent guide.

FMLA/Disability Fast Facts Card

This card describes the definition of Disability and FMLA, and lists the eligibility requirements for each, important links on how to apply or get more information. For more info on FMLA or Disability check our our guest blogs.

Keep an eye out for these kits at your center. For more information, please contact our ACHD Coordinator at

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