Community Fundraisers: Frequently Asked Questions

So you’re ready to make a difference in the CHD community by creating a fundraiser but you’ve got some questions. No worries, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few answers to some of the most common fundraiser questions we get.

Need help setting up your fundraiser? Start by reviewing our Conquering CHD Your Way Toolkit for setup and helpful hints to create a successful fundraiser!

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What is a Conquering CHD community fundraiser?

A Conquering CHD community fundraiser is open to anyone and everyone who wants to join the fight against the
most common birth defect, congenital heart disease by raising funds to support our mission! Whether you’re
celebrating your heartiversary or hosting an event in honor of a lost loved one, absolutely anything you can think of
can be made into a fundraising opportunity.

How can I learn more about Conquering CHD and/or congenital heart disease?

1 in every 100 newborns are born with congenital heart disease, making it the most common birth defect. That means
every 15 minutes a new CHD story begins, altering the course of a family’s life in unpredictable ways for a lifetime.
Conquering CHD exists to conquer the most common birth defect. We engage, listen, learn, and act. We create
visibility and empower all impacted by congenital heart disease. We accomplish this through awareness, knowledge,
community, and research.

Learn more at

Where will the money I raise go?

Conquering CHD believes in transparent stewardship of all donations. You can learn more at

Funds raised provide support and education to patients and their families across the lifespan. Tools like Hospital
Navigator, Guided Questions, and CHD Wise compliment our in-person and online support groups. Our collaborative
initiatives in Transparency, Public Reporting, and Legislative Advocacy are advancing the field for all impacted by

Can the funds I raise benefit an individual person?

No, we do not provide individual crowdfunding services. Funds raised by Conquering CHD community fundraisers
come directly to our organization and benefit the vital, life-saving programs of Conquering CHD.

Is there a minimum fundraising goal to be a community fundraiser?

There is no minimum fundraising goal for a community fundraiser. You’re welcome to set your own fundraising goal
and even increase your goal at any time!

Can Conquering CHD assist in covering any costs associated with my event?

Unfortunately, Conquering CHD does not have the funds to pay any costs associated with community fundraisers.
However, we do provide you with any advice, help, and fundraising assistance you need prior to your event.

Will a Conquering CHD representative attend the event?

We rely heavily on volunteers and Our Conquering CHD Leaders to achieve our mission. Staff members are
generally unable to attend community fundraisers. If your event and are interested in a staff member attending,
please email us at:

Can I donate by check?

Yes! For personal checks please mail to the following address:
Conquering CHD
c/o Grobe Associates
37 Kessel Court, Suite 205
Madison, WI 53711

If your check needs to be applied to a specific fundraising campaign, please indicate the campaign name or fundraiser in the memo line.

When will check donations show up on my fundraising page?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. If you wish to follow up on a check that you or a donor sent in please email Please have a check number, date, amount, and name of account holder available.

If a business donates goods or services for my fundraiser, will they receive a tax receipt from Conquering

When a business donates goods or services it is considered an “in-kind” donation. Since the business did not donate
the goods or services directly to Conquering CHD, we cannot issue them a tax receipt.

Will I be notified of donations toward my fundraiser?

Upon receiving a donation, you will be sent an automated e-mail letting you know that a donation has been made to
your fundraising goal.

A donor is requesting a 501(c)(3) letter. What is that and how can I get a copy?

The 501(c)(3) letter is proof that the Conquering CHD is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the federal
government. Contact to obtain a copy of this form.

What should I do if I have a question about a matching gift?

Please contact for assistance with matching gifts for community fundraisers.

Be sure to direct your donors to our search tool to see if your company will match your donation and to access the forms, guidelines, and instructions that you need to submit a matching gift.

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