Pediatric CHD and COVID-19: Vaccines, Variants, and Very Important Decisions

Making decisions during a global health pandemic is not easy. Making decisions regarding a CHD patient during a global health pandemic is that much more complex.

CHD patients and families alike are weighing their concerns about pediatric CHD in the COVID-19 world. Questions like “how can I weigh the various risks for my child?,” “how are children with CHD faring when they have gotten COVID-19?,” and “do the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the possible side effects or the potential risks of the vaccine?”

Conquering CHD realizes there are many factors to consider for CHD patients and families and there is not a one-size-fits-all recommendation. Thankfully, there are resources available for families to use when speaking with their care teams about the options and potential risks. We are joined by Dr. Sarah DeFerranti, MD, MPH, Chief of Ambulatory Cardiology at Boston Children’s Hospital and member of the Kawasaki/MIS-C Team at Boston Children’s; Terry Saia, PNP, Cardiology Nursing Director at Boston Children’s Hospital; and Claire Abbott, ACHD patient and parent to two children with CHD, as they provide information and guidance as families make these important decisions for their children and families.

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