Facing Rainbows & Storms

“You would never guess CHD was their norm, that caused them to face both rainbows and storms.

Layla and Nylah’s stories began long before they were the inspiration for “Rainbows and Storms.” Both born with congenital heart defects, both required surgeries at young ages, and the many other complexities that a life with CHD brings. Layla was born with a complete atrial ventricular septal defect coupled with mitral valve regurgitation. She underwent open-heart surgery at 2 years old and is monitored for her ongoing conditions related to congenital heart disease. Nylah, who was diagnosed in-utero with Tetralogy of Fallot. At the tender age of 3, Nylah has undergone three open-heart surgeries and several other heart-related procedures.

Their rare journeys brought them together with a unique connection – forging a friendship that is sure to endure the lifelong battle with the #1 most common birth defect. Nylah and Layla both enjoy flipping through their Rainbows & Storms books – excited to see themselves represented in the beautiful illustrations and story. Though both girls are young, the story of hope, connection, and support resonates with them. The authors hope the story will continue to resonate with them and help them, along with other children impacted by CHD, forge new friendships and support systems to lean on during their difficult times.

As mothers of daughters born with congenital heart disease, authors Jennifer and Nisha wanted to write a book that serves as a source of hope and support to other children who may find themselves on a difficult journey in life. “Rainbows & Storms” follows the friendship of our daughters, Nylah and Layla, through their paths as heart warriors.

“Our hope is that the book translates into a powerful message that will teach children how to support each other through life’s triumphs and tragedies.”

In September of 2021, we partnered with Rainbows & Storms and 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the book Rainbows & Storms were donated to Conquering CHD, benefitting patients and families impacted by the most common birth defect. Patients and families across the country fell so in love with this heartwarming story of friendship that we just had to continue the partnership!

Now, during the month of February 2022, 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the book Rainbows & Storms once again will benefit patients and families impacted by CHD! Plus, a portion of ALL future proceeds will be donated to Conquering CHD!

About Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) – CHD is the most common birth defect and a leading cause of infant death. In 2021, 40,000 babies will be born with CHD in the United States alone, joining the 1.35 million new patients born this year around the world. 1 in 100 people worldwide are diagnosed with CHD.

Thanks to advances in medical technology and surgical procedures, more adults than children are now living with congenital heart disease. CHD is a chronic, lifelong condition that presents significant challenges for the patient and their family. CHD has no cure.

About Rainbows & Storms – Inspired by their daughters, Heart moms Dr Jennifer Jackson and Nisha Jaime teamed up with Illustrator Anna Scheckel to bring you into the world of two young girls, each diagnosed with congenital heart disease, and witness how their unique paths translate into an instant connection between them.

About Conquering CHD –  Conquering CHD exists to conquer the most common birth defect. We engage, listen, learn, and act. We create visibility and empower all impacted by congenital heart disease, accomplishing this through awareness, knowledge, community, and research. Visit our website at www.conqueringchd.org.

For additional information on the partnership, please contact Conquering CHD’s Marketing Director.

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