1. Get Some Gear, Do Some Good

    When Justina Pearsall and her husband Aaron learned of their son’s diagnosis, they moved to Michigan for his care, where the idea for EKG Sportswear came to life. At my 14 week ultrasound, the OB/GYN found something “abnormal” about my son’s heart.  Although it was too early to tell, he called in the cardiologist at…

  2. National Maternal and Child Health Group Welcomes New Connection to Conquering CHD

    The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP), a new Conquering CHD partner, is a national resource, partner, and advocate for public health leaders and others who work to advance the health of women, children, youth, families, and communities. Since its founding in 1944, AMCHP has implemented targeted programs, advocated for national legislation and funding, and…

  3. Facing Rainbows & Storms

    You would never guess CHD was their norm, that caused them to face both rainbows and storms.

  4. Imagining the Possibilities – Rainbows of Hope

    Imagine for a moment, a world where all children can see themselves in the pages of their favorite story. Think back to your childhood and your favorite children’s books. Which books come to mind? Why did those books leave such an impact – one which still resonates years later? For so many children, early experiences…

  5. What I Wish I Had Been Told About CHD

    Join Conquering CHD and physicians from Stanford Children’s Health and Stanford Health Care in a collaborative campaign. What I Wish I Had Been Told About CHD enables patients and families to provide peer support, reassurance, and connection.

  6. Building Relationships with Scientific Partners Connects Families to Research

    Conquering CHD is committed to research that matters. Thank you to Prolacta Bioscience for sharing information on the clinical trial researching human milk diets for single ventricle infants.

  7. Blaze’s Cause Candle Initiative

    On March 29, 2020, Cecilia was born with congenital heart disease. Congenital heart disease is the most common disability at birth in the United States and worldwide with nearly 40,000 babies expected to be born with CHD in the U.S. this year. On November 16, 2020, Cece took her final breath after numerous surgeries in…

  8. Collaboration of Hope

    Conquering CHD and The Brett Boyer Foundation team up to spread hope this Heart Month.

  9. The Heart’s Playbook Gives Back

    We don’t look at the world with rose colored glasses, but we are optimists through and through. We believe in turning obstacles into opportunity, that forward is a mindset and that there are tools to help us at any place you find yourself on life’s journey. -Janelle and Nick Foligno The Heart’s Playbook was founded…

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