2021 Impact Report

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Why We Exist

1 in every 100 newborns are born with congenital heart disease, making it the most common birth defect. That means every 15 minutes a new CHD story begins, altering the course of a family’s life in unpredictable ways for a lifetime.

At Conquering CHD, we engage, listen, learn, and act. We create visibility and empower all impacted by congenital heart disease. We accomplish this through awareness, knowledge, community, and research.

Our Network

We built one of the largest networks of CHD patients, families, and providers in the nation.

  • 18 State Chapters
  • 553 Volunteers
  • 20 Centers participating in Hospital Navigator
  • 55 Hospitals engaged with our programming

2021 at a Glance


Donations and Contributions: $473,400

Corporate Partnerships: $66,900

Grants: $66,700


Administration: $96,000

Awareness: $136,300

Community: $159,700

Education: $265,900

Research: $58,800

Our Programs

There is no cure for CHD. Congenital heart disease can affect anyone, at any point in their lives. No matter when the CHD diagnosis was made or where patients and families are in their journeys, our programs provide crucial resources, education, connection, and hope for patients and families at any point in their CHD journeys, from before birth, to child and adulthood, and even for those lost too soon to CHD. As patients and families ourselves, we know first-hand the importance of timely information in making decisions, support during difficult times, and the desire to spread as much awareness as possible. Our collective experience informs our evolving programs and enables us to connect with our broader community, responding quickly and knowledgeably to the area of greatest need.


  • CARE Kits
  • Mental Health Matters
  • CHD in Stages
  • Bereaved Hearts
  • Advancing Equity
  • CHDWise
  • Echo’s Treehouse
  • Confidence in Care
  • Care for Life


  • CHDVoice
  • Heart Connection Conference
  • Social Media Outreach


  • Bridge to Belonging
  • Volunteer Engagement
  • Virtual and In-person Support


  • Research Matters

Resilience in a Season of Change

“Evaluate and adjust” has been my mantra for 2021. From school to home to work it seems as though we are constantly making decisions – even on top of old ones! Some decisions were really hard – like canceling in-person meetings, yet, again. (I really, really miss seeing people face to face.)

Others brought about exciting opportunities like accepting the role of Executive Director. My co-founder and friend David Kasnic led tremendous growth for Conquering CHD over the last several years and it is my privilege to take a turn carrying the torch while he transitions to the role of Board Chair.

At times, it seemed like hope and disappointment went hand in hand. But, I am so impressed with how our talented, passionate staff, volunteers and donors repeatedly chose to focus on the hope – to overcome disappointment and continue to make an impact on this community in big and important ways. So let’s evaluate and adjust as we must, but let’s continue to focus on the hope.

Join me in celebrating all that we were able to accomplish despite the disappointments. Let’s continue to channel our passion and energy as together we ARE Conquering CHD!!!

Amy Basken
Executive Director

Together, we are Conquering CHD

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