Walking Towards Hope

Like many families, the Adelmans knew nothing about CHD until their daughter went in for her 20-week anatomy scan. It was then that they learned that their future grandson Max had a rare condition called Heterotaxy Syndrome.

After birth in late 2020, Max’s care team at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital was pleased at how well he was managing on his own. Excited he wouldn’t have surgery immediately, his family looked forward to spending the holidays at home. But just before Christmas, at a cardiology visit, Max suffered respiratory arrest, leading to his first surgery at 3 months old, just one day after Christmas. Max’s second surgery followed not long after.

Each hospital stay was complicated by the covid-19 pandemic, allowing just one parent bedside at a time and preventing the rest of his family from providing essential in-person support. Fortunately, though, Max’s stay in-patient after surgery number two was just one week, and this past year he was able to be home for the holidays with his family.

Now, Max is showing his resilience in Occupational and Physical Therapy, as he overcomes developmental delays after surgery. While a third surgery is not too far off, Max is currently keeping his family on their toes as an active 16-month old.

At times, CHD for the Adelman’s, as for many families, will be isolating and overwhelming, scary even, but through Conquering CHD, Max and his family can get the support they need every step of the journey.

Robin recently wrote about Max and their family’s journey with CHD and was published in the March issue of Lake and Golf Lifestyle magazine.
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Walking to Conquer CHD

Both Chuck and Robin Adelman are actively engaged in the Tennessee chapter of Conquering CHD. Chuck is a member of the chapter’s volunteer Board and Robin is co-chair for the Conquering CHD – Tennessee Inaugural Walk scheduled for Saturday, April 2, 2022, in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Families across the country have similar stories, stories of uncertainty and hope. Sharing the support and resources they need to make it through, however, is what Conquering CHD does best! Each of our state chapters works every day to provide educational materials, advocate for patients and families, and provide peer-to-peer support. Their walks, and the funds they raise, help our volunteers carry on this work each year and provide an opportunity to celebrate how far the community has come and how we will continue to conquer CHD.

To support your local heart community, check out the locations of this year’s upcoming run/walk events:

Conquering CHD – Tennessee Inaugural Walk
April 2, 2022
Registration is open!

Conquering CHD – Illinois 10th Annual Walk
April 2, 2022
Registration is open!

Conquering CHD – Colorado

Conquering CHD – Ohio

Conquering CHD – Michigan Funky Heart Run

Conquering CHD – Kentucky

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