“In the Moment” Coping Skills

Try these tips when you’re stressed, anxious, mad, hurt, upset, or need a break.

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  • Practice 4-7-8 breathing
    • Breath in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 7, and breathe out for a count of 8
  • Alternately tense and relax your body
  • Rest your head on a table or desk briefly
  • Grounding
    • Name 5 things you can see, hear, feel, smell
  • Practice positive self-talk
    • “I can handle this. I am okay.”
  • Think of a place you’ve felt safe in the past
    • Take a moment to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and visualize the place.
  • Hold a stuffed animal or blanket or pillow
  • Count slowly backward from 100
  • Give yourself a tight hug
  • Squeeze a squishy ball
  • Tell yourself thoughts are just thoughts
  • Touch an object close to you and focus on the sensations
  • Concentrate on a smell or a taste
    • Your favorite candle or a mint

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