School with CHD During COVID

Making decisions during a global health pandemic is not easy. Making decisions regarding the education of a CHD patient during a global health pandemic is that much more complex.

As school districts, colleges, and universities around the country announce Fall 2020 education plans, patients and families are left wondering what to do. Is it safe to attend in-person classes? Will I be able to get required services virtually? Will my child’s educational institution continue their IEP/504/Health Plan needs?

Conquering CHD realizes there are many factors to consider before returning to school, and there is not a one-size-fits-all recommendation for school during COVID times. Thankfully, there are resources available for families to use when speaking with their medical and school teams about educational options.

Kyle Landry, MEd, Director of the School Intervention Program at Herma Heart Institute at Children’s Wisconsin has provided several resources about returning to school, available to all patients and families for free download:

School Options: Benefits and Considerations

Questions to Ask Your School Team

Questions to Ask Your Medical Team

Ms. Landry also joined our Education Coordinator for an episode of CHD Wise, focused on returning to school during COVID times. The 30-minute presentation addresses available resources for CHD patients and families and how to advocate for them in your home center. It also covers school options and provides guided questions for addressing your specific needs with your medical and school teams.

Considering the challenges of planning for school during a global health pandemic, this webinar is a must watch for all CHD families!

Patients and families may review our complete Back to School Guide originally released in 2018 here.

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