Should I Participate in the CHD Online Fundraiser?

If you have heard about the CHD Online Fundraiser then you will know how important it is to support this fundraiser. It is an online fundraiser by Conquering CHD that works towards support and research for those suffering from CHD. This is to help children and adults alike. You may be wondering why you should put your hard-earned dollars towards helping these people.

What is CHD?

Congenital heart disease is a general term for birth defects that affect how the heart works. The term “congenital” comes from the fact that the condition is present from birth. Congenital heart disease is a very common birth defect and is actually the leading birth defect among babies in the United States.

Why Should I Support a CHD Organization?

When it comes to donating to the causes you care about, it also benefits you. Of course, it is extremely beneficial to the organization, but think about how you will feel after supporting and donating to CHD research and support. Millions of people give to charity on a regular basis not only to give but also for the positive effect for themselves.

Giving to Charity Makes You Feel Good

When you donate you will have a huge boost in your mood. You will feel happy that you will be helping children and families alike. Research has identified a link between making a donation to charity and then increased activity in the area of the brain registering pleasure. All in all, It feels amazing to give. Especially to a good cause.

Strengthen Your Own Values

By giving you can strengthen your own values as well. Having the power to change other people’s lives feels incredible, and allows you to continue living in a way that is true to your ethical beliefs.

Giving is Incredibly Impactful

Most people are worried that donations may be reduced by taxes or other costs, but there are many ways that we ensure the donations are impactful. By donating to charity or leaving a charitable legacy in your will, you can be sure that we will receive your support.

Directly Help Our Mission

Your gift will directly help us deliver our mission. We want to raise awareness for children and adults who suffer from congenital heart disease. We want to educate and connect patients through their journeys. We also want to promote research for this disease.

Who is Affected by CHD?

Heart defects are the most common type of defect that babies are born with. It affects one in every 100 babies born meaning that 35,000 babies are born with congenital heart disease each year in the United States. This is obviously far too many, and we need to do more research to understand why this is happening.

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