What is the CHD Organization?

Conquering CHD is a CHD Organization. It is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of children and persons with congenital heart defects, known as CHD. Although you may not have heard of it, it is the #1 birth defect worldwide and the #1 cause of death by infants in the United States.

What is CHD?

Congenital heart defects (CHDs) are conditions that are present at birth. They affect the way the heart of a baby functions and appears. Although this is the most common type of birth defect, infants with congenital heart defects are living longer and healthier lives.

What is Conquering CHD?

At Conquering CHD we exist to take down the most common birth defect. By listening and learning, we can create an empowered community. This is done through awareness, knowledge, community, and research. We are one, we are a family, brought together by CHD.

Bringing the CHD Community Together

If you or your child are on the journey of living with congenital heart defects (CHD), you are not alone. This is one thing that a CHD organization is able to do. You can find a community within the organization that has gone through every phase and experienced different parts of all the emotions that you have. Whether you are sad or hopeful, happy or scared, you can become united in support with people similar to you, every step of the way.

There are children over a wide spectrum of ages that have CHD. Adults also have CHD and that is something that is not often spoken about. It is good to note that support cannot replace professional medical care, but Conquering CHD is an invaluable resource for connecting with people on the same path as yours.

Between children, support can be incredible. You may be able to form lifelong bonds and friendships. Even children and adults can give each other confidence. Some children have a “second belly button” or “zipper” and they can find out that other people are like that too.


One CHD Organization, Conquering CHD, often hosts events. This is a great way for the adults to meet other parents or caregivers, but also meet people in a fun space. Whether newer families want to ask questions, or families want to share stories in general. This is a great time to enjoy a day out with their family and forget about any sadness. Children can also enjoy themselves and meet other similar children.

Supportive Network

There are a huge number of benefits to building relationships with other families in person. Creating a supportive network all over the country is beneficial for everyone involved. As soon as you join our organization you can look at the calendar to learn about upcoming events, and begin receiving the support you and your family deserve.

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