Summer Camp: Where Connection Makes a Splash

Summer camp. The very words conjure up images of bonfires, canoeing, and making lifelong friends. But for children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), the traditional camp experience might not be an option. Yet, the desire for connection, for belonging, remains just as strong.

Thankfully, there are incredible summer camps designed specifically for kids with CHD. These camps offer a unique space where campers can:

Build Confidence and Independence

CHD can sometimes limit a child’s participation in activities. Summer camp for CHD provides a safe space where they can push their boundaries and try new things, all under the watchful eye of medically trained staff. This fosters a sense of accomplishment and independence, letting them know they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Create a Support System

Camp isn’t just about activities; it’s about connection. Campers with CHD get to meet and bond with other kids who understand their condition. They can share experiences, fears, and triumphs, forming a unique and supportive network. This sense of belonging can be incredibly empowering for children who might often feel isolated due to their CHD.

Learn About Their Hearts

Many CHD camps incorporate educational workshops and seminars into their programs. Campers learn valuable information about their hearts, treatment plans, and how to manage their condition effectively. This newfound knowledge translates to a sense of control and a proactive approach to their health.

Just Be Kids

Perhaps the most important benefit is the chance to simply be a kid. At camp, CHD takes a back seat to fun, friendship, and exploration. Campers can participate in activities they might not be able to do elsewhere, all while being closely monitored by a dedicated medical team. This carefree experience can be a much-needed break for both the child and their family.

These connections are more than just fun; they’re vital. For children with CHD, feeling isolated can be a big challenge. Camp provides a community, a chance to connect with peers who share similar experiences. This sense of belonging is essential for building self-esteem and confidence.

Sending your child to camp can be a big decision. But for a child with CHD, the opportunity to connect, to build confidence, and to create lasting memories can be life-changing. So, let camp be the place where their hearts truly soar.

How To Find A Summer Camp

There are many Heart Camps or camps for children with medical needs across the United States. The best place to start is reaching out to your child cardiologist regarding camps in your area. Conquering CHD has also compiled a list or camps we know of. Don’t see a camp listed? Email with the Camp’s information.







  • Camp Odayin: Stillwater, MN (Also holds a camp in WISCONSIN) Serves many states throughout the Midwest.



New Jersey

North Carolina




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