The PATCH Study: Initial Findings for Families

Researchers from University of Queensland have presented their initial findings from The PATCH Study.

In 2019-2020, Conquering CHD collaborated with The PATCH Study team from University of Queensland in Australia. We asked parents of children with CHD ages 5 to 18 years to complete an anonymous online survey, primarily focusing on behavioral and executive function outcomes in their children.

Your responses guided the team, who presented their initial findings at Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcome Collaborative’s annual scientific conference in November. Those initial findings are now available for families to review:

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Children with CHD and ADHD have a higher rate of executive function impairment by three times, in comparison to children with CHD but without ADHD.

Between two groups – 1) children with CHD and ADHD & 2) children with CHD, ADHD and either Anxiety or Autism – there was no significant difference in executive functioning.

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This research highlighted the need for better monitoring and targeted interventions for children with CHD who are at risk of developmental diagnoses.

Download a PDF of the initial findings here. Final research data will be available in 2021.

Thank you to Ms. Chin and Dr. Bora for collaborating with Conquering CHD!

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