7th Summit on Transparency and Public Reporting: Recap

The 7th Summit on Transparency and Public Reporting of Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease Outcomes was held virtually on September 29, 2020 with nearly 200 attendees. Catch up on Conquering CHD’s historic efforts in the field, then read on for the Summit summary and full recording.

Our first virtual Summit was a big success. Nearly 200 joined us live for the event. 50% of those attendees were patients and families and there were even attendees from other countries.

Kudos to team at Conquering CHD for all their work in the planning and execution of this big event. And a special thanks to the panelists and moderators who shared their time and expertise.

After a warm welcome from Executive Director David Kasnic and Medical Advisory Board Chair Dr. Sara Pasquali, the Summit started with a panel on Health Disparities in CHD. We are indeed listening, learning, and taking action.

Poignant, emotional, and impactful, these five women are helping lead advocacy efforts in the equity of CHD care for all patients. Their panel has officially led to a full meeting on health disparities, which will take place at our 2021 National Advocacy Conference (save the date now: February 28-March 2, 2021).

This panel discussion begins at the 00:11 mark in the video below. Thank you to Ms. Rita Higgins, Dr. Brett Anderson, Dr. Keila Lopez, Dr. Wendy Nembhard, and Dr. Shuntae Williams.

Conquering CHD believes in, and is fully committed to, collaboration with fellow advocacy organizations, medical societies, federal agencies, hospitals, and news media. This collaborative mindset was apparent during the updates from U.S. News and World Report, Society of Thoracic Surgeons, and Hospital Navigator. The patient and family voice is actively changing the landscape in positive ways!

This panel discussion begins at the 01:20 mark in the video below. Thank you to Dr. Sara Pasquali, Mr. Ben Harder, Dr. John Mayer, Jr., and Ms. Amy Basken.

Does your center combine their surgical data with another center? Does your center share surgeons, cardiologists, or other clinical expertise with other centers? Would you want to know if this was the case? The Communicating Outcomes for Conglomerate Centers panel answered these questions and more.

This panel discussion begins at the 02:33 mark in the video below. Thank you to Dr. Ram Subramanyan, Dr. Joseph Dearani, Dr. Sasha Opotowsky, Dr. Andy Shin, Ms. Carol Raimondi, RN, and Ms. Tabitha Rainey.

What’s coming next? Who’s responsible? Standards of care for pediatric CHD patients? Federal policy? Listen in as experts from pediatric cardiology centers, Joint Commission, and Congressman Gus Bilirakis’ office share their thoughts.

This panel discussion begins at the 03:32 mark in the video below. Thank you to Dr. Nicolas Madsen, Dr. Sara Pasquali, Dr. Angira Patel, Dr. Patsy Buckberg, and Mr. Shayne Woods.

Please enjoy the full recording here:

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