Those with CHD are Living Longer

Thanks to improvements in care, people born with heart defects are now living well into adulthood. But as many of us know, Congenital Heart Disease isn’t just a childhood issue. Many people discover new health problems as they age, and some don’t even know they have CHD until adulthood.

A study examined the health of 346 adult CHD patients. Between the three age groups, the ratio for comorbidities increased in two of the age groups, according to study contributors. These were adults above the age of 40. The occurrence of arrhythmia was similar in all age groups, but an increased tendency can be linked to age. 

Managing both CHD and comorbidities can be tricky but must go hand-in-hand. In order to determine the best course of action and predict positive outcomes, considering both conditions and how they interact is crucial. Let’s work together to communicate specialized health needs!

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