To Heart Moms This Mother’s Day, From a Grateful ACHDer

I don’t know what it feels like to be a mother. I don’t know what it feels like to learn that my child has a CHD or have thoughts race through my mind as I wait to hear that she’s made it out of surgery.  

But I have felt a mother’s love. I have felt a warm reassuring touch and strength from the confidence she projects. I have seen her hide her fear to abate my own, a smile when I should have seen a tear. I have heard a laugh, when I should have heard a yawn, after long sleepless nights.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, but often our mothers are our first advocates, educators, and our loudest cheerleaders.  You ask the tough questions, you hold our care teams accountable, and fight to ensure we have every chance to thrive, to grow to be the capable young men and women we are.

Do moms do everything right? Not everything.  Can letting go be difficult? Of course! 

But I know your love is your compass, it is in all you do, consciously or not. It is the reason you sacrifice your needs for ours, it is the reason we don’t often see your pain. It is the reason I am grateful that, finally, there is support for our moms too.

For your sacrifices, the home-cooked meals, for making appointment days fun. For allowing me to feel my feelings, for the comfy spot on the couch, and for the tray of treats.  For letting me be a kid, letting me learn my own limits, for trusting in me as I grew up to make my own decisions (even if you didn’t like them). For speaking for me when I couldn’t, respecting my wishes, and always, always being there to hold my hand. Thank you. 

Happy Mother’s Day to All Heart Moms 

Love Sincerely,

A Grown-up Heart Kid

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