To My Mom…

In this open letter, one HLHS warrior shares what he loves most about his mom.

I want the world to know how awesome, helpful, and talented you are, Mom! You help me a lot of the time, with almost everything. You help me to always try my best, even when I think I can’t. When I’m sick you always check up on me and make sure that all is OK. You not only help me, but you help my sister and brothers and even other kids. Thank you for taking me to Washington DC and letting me watch you speak so well with our nation’s leaders and helping me share my story. I loved sharing that with you. When you are talking to people you are never afraid to be heard, and that makes me happy. You are cool, awesome, loving, caring, compassionate, helpful, and my favorite thing about you is your big smile and heart! You give the best hugs, and you buy me hot wheels and games that I love. Thank you, Mom, for being the BEST!

Love, Lucas 

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