Top 10 Things to Remember about CHD as an Adult

When you’re living with CHD, there is a lot to remember about managing your care. Our Top 10 List of Things to Remember makes a handy cheat sheet to help keep you on track!

This resource is also available as a printable poster.

1. Your Congenital Heart Disease requires lifelong care

2. Keep your records together in one handy place

3. Understand your CHD

4. Know your current Medications and those you used to take

5. Know whether you need to take precautions for dental visits, piercings, tattoos, or activities

6. Make mental health a priority

7. Know how your CHD may impact your future

8. Stay covered by health insurance when possible

9. Know how to find a doctor or specialist that is right for you

10. Know when to seek help for your symptoms between appointments and how to reach your care team

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