Trinity Higgins

“Conquering CHD means that I have someone fighting to make sure I have access to information that I can understand and for legislation that impacts my future health.” – Trinity

Trinity was born in January of 2002. She was diagnosed at two months old after being referred to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin due to a heart murmur and symptoms of heart dysfunction. She had a pulmonary artery band placed at 4 months old and an open heart repair at 5 years old. She suffered complications when her left ventricle failed after the repair, and she was placed on ECMO. Her mitral valve was also damaged. She had another open heart surgery at 6 years old to repair her mitral valve.

Today, Trinity is enjoying being a teenager and looks forward to beginning her journey to her own career in medicine.  

Read a piece written by Trinity’s mom, Rita, in which she shares their story, in Somewhere to Turn.

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