Let Your #CHDVoice Bring Hope

Heart Month 2021 is here! You can help raise awareness this February and all year long.

Shine as a Conquering CHD Social Media Ambassador

It’s your month to shine.

February 7-14, the entire community comes together to help others understand how common congenital heart defects are, the need for continued research, and the critical importance of access to quality care. At Conquering CHD, our programs serve to educate and spread awareness all year long, but there’s no better time to share your voice than CHD Awareness Week.

In the know – Help others understand the impact of CHD and what Conquering CHD is doing about it. Like and share our infographics and awareness posts. We have a lot to share, so keep an eye out all month long!

Make it personal – Use the hashtags #CHDVoice and #ConqueringCHD. Add details from your story, your experience, and be sure to include a message about an aspect of CHD that matters to you. Examples: the need for research funding, advocacy, or support for fellow patients and families. This is all about sharing how congenital heart disease impacts patients and families and how we, together, can turn awareness into action. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – @conqueringchd.

Photo Calendar Challenge – Share the fun, love, and hardships that go along with your CHD journey, spread awareness, and understanding. Let your #CHDvoice be heard, and take our Heart Month Photo Challenge. Choose the shorter 7-day Awareness Week version, or give all of Heart Month a try! Also available in Spanish.

Facebook frame – As patients, families, bereaved families, and providers, we are all #CHDAware. Show your support for Conquering CHD, and spread awareness by adding this effect to your Facebook profile picture.

Invite others to join the campaign, and we will handle the rest – simply guide them to our social media pages to follow, and we’ll make sure they stay engaged.

Give Hope

You can support heart patients and their families by donating to conquer the most common birth defect. Every little bit helps spread hope to those affected by congenital heart disease.

YOU can help us get there! Here’s how:

Start your own fundraiser on Facebook: Visit https://www.facebook.com/fund/conqueringchd/ to create your own heart month fundraiser.

Donate on our website: One of the biggest barriers to even more impact is that we often don’t have certainty about how much money will come in during a given year. Many people choose to make a recurring gift because it allows us to plan more thoughtfully and make the most of your donations. And you can always cancel it if you change your mind. Go to our website and choose “recurring donation” to maximize your gift all year long. Remember, a gift of ANY AMOUNT makes an important difference!

Gear Up

In keeping with our #CHDVoice Brings Hope theme, new t-shirt designs are available for purchase. Order today and be sure to sport your shirt in future social media posts. T-shirt sales close on February 12th. *Toddler/Youth shirt sales have been extended to February 15th.

Check out our online store for #ConqueringCHD bags, buttons, bracelets, masks, hats, Echo the Owl, and more!

When you order your very own Echo, we will also add one to a care package delivered to someone in the hospital.

All purchases support patients and families impacted by CHD.

Don’t forget to share your heart month adventures with Echo HERE to be featured on our social media pages! #ISpyEcho

Find a Chapter Near You

Our state chapters, made up of patients and families impacted by CHD, reach those who need support from someone who’s been there. Join your local chapter, and help make a difference for families like yours – right in your community. Get involved with your local Conquering CHD chapter today. Learn more at https://bit.ly/2RrT4wJ.

Share your #CHDVoice with our Nation’s Leaders

Join patients and families like you, along with medical providers and federal policymakers, to educate our members of Congress about congenital heart disease. Learn more about lending your voice to the cause, and register today. Registration closes on February 19, 2021.

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