Revisiting the Season of Gratitude

Even in times of darkness, gratitude can shine a light. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s remember, despite the losses and struggles, what we have to be thankful for in this world: the ones we hold dear, the miracles great and small, and the chance of each new day. This week, revisit our gratitude blog series, and open you’re heart to the gifts all around us.

“I’m grateful for the tenderness it created in us, and I’m thankful for the urgency and joy we now have to live life to the fullest! Tomorrow is not promised but we have right now.”

“I am grateful for being able to connect with families going through similar situations and learning to live more in the moment.”

I am grateful for the doctors, nurses, & staff that have become dear friends & family!

“I am grateful for the courage my story gives me to push hard and succeed in all areas of life! I have made it this far, I can keep going!!”

“I am grateful for having my daughter for 11 years, she fought an amazing battle. She also taught me how to be strong, patient,  and to love harder than I thought I ever could.”

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