1. Carter Fidel Williams

    “When we first learned of our son’s congenital heart defect, we wanted to ensure that we were equipped to face this challenge. We are very grateful for CCHD, the information and support we received was invaluable as it properly prepared us for this journey.” – Shuntae Williams

  2. Trinity Higgins

    “Conquering CHD means that I have someone fighting to make sure I have access to information that I can understand and for legislation that impacts my future health.” – Trinity

  3. Joshua Morgan

    Joshua was born, at 36 weeks and 4 days, on November 25, 2017, at 7:55 pm. He was delivered early due to his dropping heart rate during my routine checkups.  Once Joshua was here, he was 3 pounds and 6.1 oz, and went straight to the Edward NICU. While he was there, it was discovered that he…

  4. Eva Burt Edinger

    “My CHD went undetected for the first year and a half of my life. After being diagnosed with an Atrial Septal Defect, I underwent open heart surgery, spent several weeks in intensive care, and was not expected to live. Now, as an adult, I have no physical restrictions and I live life to the fullest!…

  5. Sai Shah

    Sai’s journey started off with a lot of heartache, stress & worry but his life continues forward with a lot of hope, love, laughter & amazement.

  6. Barrett Lloyd

    Barrett Lloyd Chenevert was born just hours after his due date in July 2014 and his parents had no idea that anything was out of the ordinary. Their pregnancy was fairly typical with two normal ultrasounds and no other significant issues. After long and exhaustive labor that started with a two-hour car ride to the…

  7. 30 Days of A Grieving Mother

    Losing a child is a trial like no other. There is no one set way to grieve. There is no one way to carry on. In this special post, Heather Speakman, shares part of her family’s journey after the loss of her daughter, Madison.

  8. A Mother’s Love

    “Pregnancy is hard. Having a congenital heart defect (CHD) during pregnancy is even harder.”
    Loryn McGill is a heart warrior and mother. Loryn shares her experience with pregnancy, and discusses the challenges and beauty, of motherhood.

  9. Beyond the Heart – Nauman’s Story

    Adult patient and medical student, Nauman Shahid, shares what he learned about the way different body systems interact with one another through Medical School and personal experience. Here, he shares the complications that developed with his lungs as a result of his Congenital Heart Disease.

  10. Lucas Iguina

    “There is nothing more powerful than using my story to make a difference. Conquering CHD helped me do this in Washington D.C., including the opportunity to have my name mentioned on the floor of the House of Representatives!”