CHD Surgery Outcomes and Transparency in Pediatric Cardiology: A Podcast

Executive Director David Kasnic joins Dr. Alison Brent for an episode of Charting Pediatrics, a professional resource of Children’s Hospital Colorado.

In October 2020, David Kasnic collaborated with Dr. Alison Brent for an episode of her podcast, Charting Pediatrics. He shared our organization’s commitment to transparency and public reporting, history of our seven Summits, and just why it is so critical that patients and families be involved in this effort.

Of special note, the podcast goes into great detail of our Hospital Navigator tool. At the time of recording there were 15 centers participating, and now there are 21. A few months makes a big difference in the fight to bring transparency to all patients and families in the CHD community!

Hospitals and pediatric practices are under increasing pressure to be publicly transparent about their congenital heart disease (CHD) surgery quality and safety outcomes. The rapid growth of quality improvement initiatives and reporting surgical outcomes in pediatric heart care has made national news headlines in recent years. These reports have demonstrated the correlation between pediatric heart surgical volumes and outcomes for kids. In this episode, we discuss outcomes transparency in pediatric heart care and the work that one nonprofit has done to lead the way in data transparency.

Dr. Alison Brent

How to get involved: patients and families

  • Visit the Hospital Navigator launch blog
  • Check the list of participating centers
  • Use the Patient and Family Advocacy Toolkit to talk to your center about joining

How to get involved: providers/hospitals

You can read a synopsis of the episode and listen to the full recording at the Charting Pediatrics website.

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