1. Hudson Heyward

    Hudson was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and spent more than 176 days inpatient. Now home with his family, Hudson’s first Christmas is sure to be extra special. Read about his battle with HLHS and how beauty can be found even in terrible circumstances. Hudson was 9 days old when he was diagnosed with…

  2. Our Beautiful Boy – JT’s Story

    My husband, Michael, and I had been trying to have a baby for over three years (through gestational surrogacy), and after several failed attempts and a miscarriage, we finally made it to the second trimester! When Michael, Michelle (our surrogate), and I attended the 20-week anatomy scan, we were shocked to find out that our…

  3. Donate Life Month – Pam’s Transplant Story

    Growing up, like many born in the early days of congenital heart surgery, Pam Ensley thought she was fixed. But after a mostly normal life, including marriage and children, she learned she needed the gift of the perfect match.

  4. Blaze’s Cause Candle Initiative

    On March 29, 2020, Cecilia was born with congenital heart disease. Congenital heart disease is the most common disability at birth in the United States and worldwide with nearly 40,000 babies expected to be born with CHD in the U.S. this year. On November 16, 2020, Cece took her final breath after numerous surgeries in…

  5. Camila

    Camila nació el 5 de octubre del 2018. Seis días antes de que naciera, fue diagnosticada con estenosis de la válvula pulmonar y comunicación interauricular. La noticia nos tomó a todos por sorpresa. En ese momento estábamos viviendo en California en el Área de la Bahía y cuando Camila nació fue inmediatamente transferida al hospital de niños Benioff en…

  6. The Foligno Family

    “We don’t look at the world with rose-colored glasses, but we are optimists through and through. We believe in turning obstacles into opportunity, that forward is a mindset, and that there are tools to help us at any place you find yourself on life’s journey.”

  7. Sweet Girl Paislee

    Paislee Kate was prenatally diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. At 33 weeks, doctors considered her in “imminent danger” so, in February 2018, she was delivered by emergency C-section. After she was born, more complications arose. The morning after she was born, she was moved to another hospital 45 minutes away. Scott and his wife,…

  8. Sydney Kim

    “Sydney has already overcome so many challenges in her young life. I used to worry so much about her future because of how sick she was as a little child. But seeing her now and how much she has grown, I feel that there is no limit to what Sydney can do or achieve. I will always be thankful to Conquering CHD for tirelessly advocating for those with CHD like Sydney.”

  9. Bella

    En julio de 2017, nació nuestra heroína del corazón, Bella. No sabíamos sobre la cardiopatía congénita de Bella (CHD): defecto septal ventricular, defecto del tabique auricular, estenosis pulmonar y miocardiopatía hipertrófica, hasta que nació a las 39 semanas y 6 días. A las pocas horas de nacer, Bella tuvo dificultades para respirar y sus niveles…

  10. Ryan Kirst

    February 3, 1999, our heart warrior was born.  We were already blessed with a six-year-old daughter and we were excited to add a son to our family. It wasn’t until Ryan was born that we learned he had something seriously wrong with his heart.  He was born blue and right away they knew something was…

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