1. Why Should I Learn More About Congenital Heart Disease?

    Congenital heart disease is trouble with the structure of the heart that exists since birth. Congenital as a definition means “born with the defect”. This is why CHD is also referred to as a congenital heart defect. It can also change the way blood flows through your heart. Some congenital heart defects often do not…

  2. ¡Juntos, Estamos Conquistando CHD!

    Conquistando CHD ahora ofrece recursos educativos para pacientes y familias de habla hispana. Obtenga más información en

  3. An Introduction to American Indian/Alaska Native Health Disparities

    Dr. Joseph Burns, MD, a Native American CHD patient and clinician, and Dr. Alessandra Angelino, MD MPH, highlight health disparities in the American Indiana/Alaska Native community.

  4. What is CHD Awareness?

    Congenital heart disease, also known as CHD, is a name for a range of birth defects that affect the normal way the heart works. Congenital is a word that means a “condition present from birth.” Although one of the most common types of birth defects, it is not given much publicity. This is why we…

  5. Where Can I Find CHD Support?

    For parents who have children diagnosed with congenital heart disease, it can feel devastating. Although CHD is a serious disease, it is manageable. This means that after a diagnosis, you have a lot of decisions to make and responsibilities to deal with. Having a child with CHD means that you will need to deal with…

  6. COVID-19 Update

    As the COVID-19 situation continues, Conquering CHD is committed to providing the community with trusted resources from expert sources. Please continue to watch this blog and our social media channels for information pertinent to the CHD community.

  7. Are you missing work because of CHD? ¿Falta al trabajo debido a la CHD?

    Do you have questions about taking time away from work for a CHD procedure or recovery? Are you wondering if you are eligible for disability support? Do you need to be away from work to care for someone with CHD? Read on for more information regarding the Family Leave Medical Act and Social Security Disability.

    ¿Tiene preguntas acerca de tomarse un tiempo fuera del trabajo para un procedimiento de cardiopatía coronaria o recuperación? ¿Se pregunta si es elegible para recibir apoyo por discapacidad? ¿Necesita estar fuera del trabajo para cuidar a alguien con cardiopatía coronaria? Siga leyendo para obtener más información sobre la Ley de Licencia Médica Familiar y la Discapacidad del Seguro Social.

  8. Donate Life Month – Pam’s Transplant Story

    Growing up, like many born in the early days of congenital heart surgery, Pam Ensley thought she was fixed. But after a mostly normal life, including marriage and children, she learned she needed the gift of the perfect match.

  9. A Run For (and From) The Heart

    Kevin met Alex in 2018 when Alex was running a social media page on Instagram featuring a sport they were both interested in, Disc Golf. Kevin had initially reached out to Alex to learn more about corporate sponsorship, but their professional relationship turned into a friendship. Alex and his wife, Lacey, had their second child…

  10. CHD Surgery Outcomes and Transparency in Pediatric Cardiology: A Podcast

    David Kasnic joins Dr. Alison Brent for an episode of Charting Pediatrics, a professional resource of Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

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